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She Refused

Kiranmoy Samanta

"Yes today is the day" he kept on reminding himself as he put on a reminder for her birthday present while coming back from the office.

" Happy birthday baby. Come here " he said as he was about to leave for the office. She refused him,  as he asked for a  little Have a nice day kiss on the cheek.

He already knew why and so finally decided to trim the beard and of course, he doesn't want to look bad on her special day. He had never been much of a sociable guy and had never been to birthday parties. His definition about birthday was totally different in many aspects from others but something was different today. He was excited today he smirked as all these years he hated the birthday, the party, the song celebrating another year just being alive feels so forced to him. But today he realized that he was all wrong about birthdays, maybe the reason to celebrate them is what they offer. The hope of living to see another one. And today all he cared about her.

He didn't know what changed his mind. But as he realized that how he refused his wife and his mother when they asked him for the same and why he should apologize to them. His little princess made him do what his mother and wife can never, how could he deny to his little princess and it was all due to her.


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My image Tom Higgins
Beautiful story.